Hello, I'm Nastasha,

Poet, Dreamer & storyteller

I love everything that has to do with soul, passion and creativity. I am a bookworm, writer/poet, artist and photographer. I love capturing moments of beauty, rawness and vulnerability.

My life's philosophy:
"A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle." &
"moenie die buitekant blink hou nie, hou die binnekant blink." - Danie du Toit

Leave a little light behind...

I have always had a passion for storytelling albeit with writing, poetry, film, or photography. My goal is to leave a little light behind everywhere I go, to capture stories and retell them in whatever creative medium I can find. If you connect with spreading joy and ultimately just being a lekker person - then we will definitely have a fabulous time together!

I will always show up to a photoshoot with loads of energy and enthusiasm. I will be the light-giver to your special moments and be the ultimate fangirl behind my camera lens. You won't be booking just a photographer - I'll be your helping hand, posing guide, hype girl & emotional support.

I always bring my nifty speaker with me, so be prepared to rock out in front of my camera while jamming to The Best of the 80's, Afrikaanse treffers, John Mayer or anything that you and your significant other would like to hear xx

Hope we can capture some light together and share the joy of wholehearted living & loving!


Nastasha xx